Woodcraft (3 years)

Woodcraft Manufacturer, level 4, level training, vocational secondary education

Persons with basic education or those at least 22 years of age without basic education who have competencies corresponding to the level of basic education are welcome to study the specialty.

ÕppeliikÕppevormEeldus alustamiseksÕppeaeg
ÕppeliikLevel education, vocational secondary educationÕppevormFull-timeEeldus alustamiseksBasic education Õppeaeg3 years

The aim of the curriculum is that the student acquires competencies that enable him or her to work as a wood craftsman both independently and as a team member in the field of Woodcraft. Prerequisites are created for continuing studies and lifelong learning.

The student of the programme acquires knowledge and practical skills in such areas as history, design and representation of Estonian folk culture; wood industry; woodwork teaching; woodworking tools and technology training; the manufacture of solid wood objects; bending work; the manufacture of tableware; the manufacture of wood products and services.

In addition to the basic programme, it is possible to acquire practical skills in leatherwork, sewing, upholstery, metalworking, earthenware, and photography.

Studies are considered completed if the curriculum has been studied in full, the student has acquired the learning outcomes of the curriculum at least at the threshold level and passed the Woodcraft Manufacturer Level 4 vocational examination.

Woodcraft Manufacturer, level 4, level training, vocational secondary education 3 years Fail
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